Dangerous Levels of Titanium Dioxide Found In Face Masks

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2022 04-01 16:15

Dangerous Levels of Titanium Dioxide Found In Face Masks

Last week me dino had to wear a mask in a hospital while my brother Joe was having an operation.

Id pull out the top of the thing with my fingertips to let out my own carbon dioxide every chance I had.

Never thought the mask itself contained some other poison.

Visiting Joe as he recovered alone in a room, Id take the damn thing off.

Forgot to put it on when four nurses came into the room.

Not one complained or even seemed to care.

Looked like up to two of the youngest of them were being trained.

Poor ladies have to wear those damn gags for an entire shift.

I took my mask down every time I could get away with it. Now I dont wear it at all except when Im robbing banks.

Impressive! Robbing banks is the only way you can do time for a robbery crime in some smash and grab blue states.

Spot on! I thought about wearing a mask to do smash and grabs, but then I thought why bother. Ill be out on bail and nothing will happen to me.

Funny if smash and grab robbers are only cited for not wearing a mask. Well, in blue states, of course. Thats not happening here in Alabama.

Probably because only BIG money talks (to politicians) and banks have BIG money that the peons dont...

You can always use a nice silk bandana when doing the bank thing.

This is true. I need to get one that will go with my outfit.

Yes, if you really have to stick up a bank, dress with style to prove to all that your taste is superb.

Remember, security cameras may go as far as making you a TV international fashion celebrity.

One last touch being a color-coordinated gun would really be a wowser.

I have been saying since the beginning of this BS that in 5 to 10 years we will be seeing commercials on TV about class action lawsuits about Lung damage due to wearing masks. Just like all the asbestos commercials now.

That makes you smarter than the average dino.

Whoa! Suddenly I recall Marine trainers using all the way up to elbows asbestos gloves to change barrels that can get too hot for a general purpose M60 machine gun during 1970.

Wonder if they still walk the earth All I did was to take my turn shooting the thing.

Quite thrilling for a Marine who already knew he would be a supply clerk,

I carried an M-60 in the 80s and had that glove. Only used it a few times but carried it for 5 years.

Been there, done that at Hospice...one of the many reasons I resigned besides the Booster/vaccine Mandate.

Early 70s worked for Gliden-Durke what did they make along the shores of Maryland tributary? You got it Titanium Dioxide if you only knew what goes into making TD its in more then you can imagine...more to the point 95% of those of working in the chemical lab have passed from cancer, except those who drank their lives ....I saw....left...5 years was enough for me!

Serious question, is that the white stuff that lifeguards put on their noses to block the sun? And goes into paint, too, it would appear?

yes....can not answer for today but it was always in lots of plastics and make up especially lipstick.

OH Terrific...Ive KISSED that Stuff too!?

Oh really! I never wore sunblock but I wear lipstick every single day! Argh....nightmares!

Yuck! Me dino has kissed lipstick! Gag!

I didnt get where I am today by not kissing some pretty lips. Lol

I believe the white stuff that people put on their noses and other exposed areas to prevent Sun burn is zinc oxide.

Oh, you know, I bet thats what it is. Thanks for the correction! And also you too, CTYankee44

What the Hell is the purpose of putting TD in everything?

Keeps materials together, provides color when needed to stay longer was always in drywall as well my brother works for Gold Bond we supplied huge trucks to make the drywall products.

Well, that explains why I and several other faculty appear to be allergic to some masks, but not the ones manufactured by my universitys 3D printing guru.

My little brother was recently in the hospital for a quadruple bypass. Had to wear a mask to get in otherwise security would push me out and claim trespassing. Once inside brothers room removed the mask. Had to wear it if I moved about the hospital, could take it off in the cafeteria because as everyone knows Corona Virus cant harm you while eating.

While waiting in the hall during his operation I removed it to talk with my sister-in-law. Security saw me and gave the look of put it back on. I gave him the look of come on over and talk to me. He walked away.

The mask is used for symbol of compliance, like the Nazi armband. A quick look and they know who the outliers are.

The government making demands for behavior that is destructive, shutting down businesses and claiming the right to examine your personal life without cause reveals this a fascist state.

Me dino ate in the cafeteria too. So many naked faces! EEK!

The first step towards tyranny is compliance.

Posted bymccannon011 month, 1 week ago

Id pull out the top of the thing with my fingertips to let out my own carbon dioxide every chance I had. and Visiting Joe as he recovered alone in a room, Id take the damn thing off. Good for you, Dino! I did the same thing recently.

Posted byMisanthropic-Shrugger1 month ago

Ummmm titanium dioxide is COMPLETELY inert. Its found in a lot of food products as an anti-caking additive. This is stupid.

Titanium Oxide, aka Titanium Dioxide, aka Titania, is a white powder, use as a pigment or a whitening agent in paints & foods. The titanium-oxygen bond is very strong and quite stable.

Since there is nothing in the body that can break-down or react with titania, the material has the potential to irritate sensitive tissues. This is a purely mechanical response.

You sure? COMPLETELY INERT would eliminate the possibility of there ever being a dangerous level.

Me dino just wanna know.-5Posted byMisanthropic-Shrugger1 month agoAbsolutely sure. Anything you put near your mouth(e.g. food products) must not be an inhalation hazard. Go look at your box of salt or most any other dry (read: dont want it clumping up on us) food product.

Be aware that most modern substances are either known or suspected carcinogens... according to the WHO. You trust those assholes with health information, these days? I havent for over a decade, because Ive watch many many useful substances become suspected carcinogens and when you unpack the Science behind their decision, its extremely thin gruel, if not complete bullshit.

Titanium dioxide is an excellent photocatalyst and thus not completely inert.

In fact, titanium oxide particles are actually quite effective at disinfection, too.

Moreover, it is not completely inert with respect to the human body. The body will treat it like any other foreign particulate by attacking it with phagocytes. The problem with the TiO2 is not any different than it would be with breathing in any other fine particulate.

We took our Fake Masks on our cruise 3 weeks ago, and NOBODY paid the slightest attention to them, just like they didnt on the October cruise. They are way better than any other mask I have ever used, though I havent used many, because I dont mask often, but even they collect moisture. Really, it cant be helped. Masks need to GO, except for people who WANT to wear them. I am not one of those.

Me dino does not want to wear those things. I dont like breathing my carbon dioxide and masks can fog up my glasses.

Well, Im all for choices! While some people would not go on a cruise simply because they would have to wear them, we werent going to do that. Of course, hubby has to wear one at work, though they have specified the new standard of surgical masks, he has so far ignored that and gotten away with it.

As for me, the only two times Ive worn a mask in the past year has been the two cruises. Im lucky. My bigger concern is with a booster, which neither of us has had, and basically have no intention of getting, EVEN if we have to give up our next cruise.

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