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2022 Jun 01

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It is said that the Northern Warlord is temperamental and violent. The people who died in his hands were too many to count. In his previous life, An Chang Qing believed the rumors and feared him. Never daring to take a closer look at him. It was only until his death that he knew the man had given him all his tenderness.

Returning to their wedding night, An Chang Qing looked at the fearsome man and took the initiative to kiss him on the lips.

The man had his brows creased. He pinched his chin gently, Do you not fear me?

An Chang Qing hugged the mans neck and smiled sweetly, Im not afraid of you, Im only afraid of pain.

And the man had never wanted him to feel any pain.

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One of the best historical BL Ive read. Theres no ML forcing MC and they respect each other. This is not much focused on conspiracy but the love development between MC and ML as the story plot.

Their past was really tragic esp the ML. Fortunately he was transmigrated too in the extra. I love reading novels like this. No stress, and no emotional entanglement.

This has gone to be on one of my list of favorite novels. Both characters are quite written well (even with mtl), and I loved how everything progressed. My only gripe (s) though are stuff that didnt get any closure like,

what happened to Xue Wuyi? Did he die offscreen? I find that pretty sad for him. Also that poor poor general Qi and his love life (or lack thereof). Did he ever found his true love? Im also a bit confused with the very last extra. Maybe I should read everything again, hehe.

All in all though, its a very nice read. MC wasnt a super mega uber OP character. He was capable, not much physically, and he just felt more human.

I also like how the mpreg factor has an explanation of existing in a typical world, not that its a bad thing when stories have gers, but I just found it refreshing.

As for ML, I think hes not really cold (like with any other cold MLs)... well maybe his perpetual poker face doesnt help, but hes actually more timid and has very strong self control. Hes also rather insecure, given that their marriage was kinda forced, but as seen in the previous life, he has the MC in his heart, so

that whole business of MC seeing how everything played out after he died in the previous life was quite heart wrenching to read.

He is a bit possessive, but not too extreme, and his relationship dynamic with MC showed how much they complement each other as partners, and also shows how they are each others better half.

It is funny how the fierce general would walk to a pastry shop just to buy MCs favorite snacks. He still do it even after becoming the emperor to his guards dismay.

- When ML was dispatched to fight the enemy in the north, they encounter food shortage. MC personally sent the grains to them. When ML attacked the enemy camp and didnt return for days MC did a great job motivating the soldiers. He even played the drums on top of the wall and stayed awake wanting to fight along side with the soldiers.

-ML came back and MC was so relieved that he passed out.

- MC and ML stayed in the north border. MCs great knowledge helped build some agricultural tools. He also help in making cannon and gun. The northern border became prosperous.

- MC gave birth of twins, boy and girl. That is where they started to search for MCs origins.

- the Emperor asked them to return. When another enemy attempt to invade, ML was sent to fight. The crown prince use the opportunity to rebel. He also planned to take MC as hostage. ML and MC knew that crown prince will grab the opportunty so they make sure that MLs palace was was guarded and have enough food.

- ML was supposed to go back in 3 days so MC fought hard without sleeping. He use the gun till his hand hurts. When the gate was damaged the common people rallied to help the MC. When it was almost time for them to lose. He ask his guards to send the babies away, he is also willing to commit suicide instead of being a hostage. Thankfully ML came with the northern army.

- ML didnt crown MC as empress cause he knew MC wants to join the court not to work in the palace like a woman.

-ML accompany MC in finding the truth of his origins. The ministers are not happy but they knew that they cannot stop the emperor. On their journey, MC confessed his rebirth to ML.

- The story of MCs ancestor and their clan was so sad : (but MC found his clan.

MC suddenly went back to the past where pastML was grieving over his death and was about to commit suicide. He talked to pastML about the peaceful world the curentML created and stayed with ML. MC also told him about the misunderstandings they have before. MC helped him calm the court and pastML was so happy. The ML got motivated that if the other him was able to make a peaceful place for MC, he could do it too. He hope that god would let the MC stay with him. His dream was shattered when he found that others dont see MC. MC knew it all along but didnt tell pastML. The palace thought he was crazy talking to himself. One day pastML woke up and MC no longer there. He was sad but fire in his eyes burn. He vowed to protect the country even if MC no longer there. When he go to court he decided to kill the crown prince and the rebels. It took pastML 15 years to undo the damage in the country and made it prosperous. When MC woke up crying, he realize he is back. Currect ML hug him and kissed him.

- the little princess became a warrior like ML and dreamed to become a general. The little prince was an intelligent scholar and was the crown prince.

As with what Erudite. Cielo wrote, this is truly a beautifully written novel with leads that complement each other pretty well. You can imagine it from how prosperous their empire was with MC handling internal affairs while ML deals with the external. Theyre pretty much kickass, and most of importantly, HE!

Another thing I like with this novel was how it dealt with second chances, and wonderfully at that. Because of this novel, I ended up looking for and reading other novels with similar starting themes. On reading the initial chapters,


you can really feel the regret and sorrow MC had with the way he treated ML in their first life. ML only did what he had to, given the circumstances he was in and the opportunities available to him. But because of his political enemies, he was slandered as a bloodthirsty war-mongerer instead of being praised as a hero and defender, a cruel tyrant instead of a just and benevolent ruler in a kingdom emptied by the corruption of its officials and noblemen.

Disregarding the fact how he lost his Consort Mother, his horrible family members (maybe except for that aunt of his, probably), troubles within and outside of their kingdom, it doesnt help that MC was that afraid of him. For ML, MC was that innocent pure sunshine in his life on that autumn morning. ML kept his promise of being the one to protect MC, no matter how many years had passed since that one time meeting in their childhood. And MC never quite understood why ML did all those things for him, simply because MC forgot having met ML in the first place. It is heartbreaking all the more when you think about how ML held unto the jade token MC treasured most when he died. Despite believing that token may have been given by MCs true love, ML just wanted to have something of MC with him even in death while still believing MC never wanted him.

and pretty much heart wrenching (with lots of tissues for the tears). ML was being pushed to walk in darkness with no salvation in sight. Even that bit of light (MC) in his life gradually dimmed and snuffed out in that constant battle of schemes and power. At least the extras offered complete resolution to that portion of the story, which for me made this novel whole.

What I also liked about this novel was how MC had grown as a character. He started off with a wimpy, timid feel and ended as a confident and wise empress who can stand side-by-side with ML. In less than twenty chapters, you get to understand where hes coming from and why MC was the way he was in his first life. His experiences and knowledge gained in his past life became a backdrop that made him shine in this current life. Following ML to the border was the turning point for his character as MCs fears (worst possible outcomes) in his past life and the troubles he faced in their present life tempered him to be a competent ruler renowned for all ages.

In the extras, even ML showed surprise with MCs progress. His impression of MC remained to those scant moments of interaction which definedhisMC as an introverted reclusive man who was fearful of ML. TheotherMC who experienced ups and downs withanotherML and together ruled an empire for more than a decade showed wisdom and decisiveness, not even batting an eye in ordering the execution of traitorous ministers whichhisMC was not capable of.

I consider the romance slow-burn despite the feelings evident in both leads early on. Mostly this was because ML was not confident of MCs feelings of affection for him. No matter how subtly explicit MC was being, ML believed that MC was forced into this marriage and that if MC was given the chance, he will choose the scholarly gentleman cousin who ML believed was MCs true love. At least this period of time allowed both MC and ML to truly understand, trust and fall in love with one another. Once the misunderstanding was cleared, political interests disrupt the couple of sugary screen time. But the dog food is still strong up to the end of the novel with MC and ML harmoniously working hand-in-hand in their respective fields for the common prosperity in their empire. Their twins, for a male-to-male couple prepared for being childless, came as a surprise

owing to MCs hidden identity that he knows nothing about.

The interspersed domestic moments are very heart-warming in a background of royalty wrought with danger from political enemies and interests from different factions. This was one of the few happy royal families Ive read who rule united as one.

Other important side characters and CP are well-developed though I cant say the same for the villains. The villains seem to me to be just there for the sake of being villains with their own self-interests or as a result of the environment they grew up in. Some even have extreme preferences or decisions which doesnt add up unless you blame it on how spoiled they were when growing up.

Premise is kind of similar to the Comeback of abandoned wife. Where when the shou died, his soul lingered with the ML. Regretting that he ignored the ML their past life, he pluck his courage to start a relationship with ML. But here, the shou is kind of timid after sometime, he learns to grow his backbone.

The ML is your typical ML. Cold and stoic with a tragic past. He does things in silence and loves the MC way too much. Hes actually a gentleman. Eventhough he forced the marriage to MC, he respected him and never forced him to anything. Hes quite pitiful actually. He was emotionally abused directly or indirectly by the actions of the MC and misunderstanding they have on their past life.

they have twin cutie buns. 1 girl and 1 boy. Idk if they have another bun after c110 but so far they have 2.

Silent gong x timid shou it was no wonder they end up having a lot of misunderstandings and regret in their past life.

It was really great to see that as the story flows. The ML and MC seems to neutralize each other. ML have his shar edges smothered. While the MC was able to grow his backbone. Healthy relationship overall.

I keep returning to this novel because I love the relationship and character development between the MC/ML. The story is that the MC spent his first life being so scared of the ML who was his husband that he never actually got to know him and died full of regrets. Only after his death did he realize that there was more to the ML than the fearsome tyrant. All of this is in the first chapter and then after


the ML dies in the original timeline

, the MC awakes on his wedding night. Although he starts off as a timid and weak character in the first few chapters, with the support of the ML, he eventually becomes a very capable ruler and businessman.

Ive already said this but the main relationship is so good! The ML pampers the MC immediately in his own awkward way, which is really cute but he has a lot of insecurities about their relationship due to his own fearsome reputation and some false rumors about the MC being in love with someone else. Unlike a lot of other danmei novels, the ML is really respectful towards the MC and does everything to support him (ex: teaching MC military strategy to defeat his scheming relatives) and the MC definitely reciprocates! There are quite a few instances where the MC saves the ML and I love their mutual respect for each other, the growth they go through, and the equality in their relationship. They seem like the perfect complement to each others weaknesses with the MC making up for the MLs lack of EQ (the MC (affectionately) calls him a block of wood multiple times) while the ML makes up for the MCs naivety and delicateness.

The right amount of OPness. The MC definitely has a protagonist halo and is so beautiful that everyone instantly falls in love with him, etc etc. However, I think the author gives solid reasoning for why these characters can do those amazing things. For example, the MC is able to subvert a lot of disasters with his foreknowledge and the author also explains that he knows a lot of useful information because of all the reading he did in his first life when he was alone in the imperial palace.

Easy to follow plot that still has some fun twists and turns!

Its basically reincarnation -- face slapping the people who mistreated the MC in his first life -- war/famine that the MC helps to solve -- battle for the ML to become emperor -- children -- why can the MC have children, but although the plot was simple, there were some surprises in there!

Its not the most creative or intriguing novel. Im sure youve read similar plots and its not particularly memorable although it was interesting in the moment to read it play out.

No one in this novel is winning a personality award anytime soon. Although the main CP have good development and consistent characterizations, their personalities arent very distinctive. The ML is the archetypical cold general/prince character but I guess what makes him slightly different is that hes a wife simp from the start and his clumsiness and awkwardness due to not knowing how to function in a relationship or be soft are quite funny. And of course, the MC is like all OP protagonists, super compassionate, kind, beautiful, intelligent, etc. And although theres a large cast of side characters, none of them are particularly distinctive either.

I think the novel couldve been shorter. Towards the end, I though the plot dragged a bit. There is mpreg and the author devotes the end to learning about the MCs origins and why he can get pregnant but it was after the main plot had already concluded so to me, it felt unnecessarily long. If this novel was 80-100 chapters, I feel like it wouldve been the perfect length.

But despite these minor criticisms I have, Id still rate this a 5 just because of how much I like this kind of relationship dynamic in BL and the fun I had while reading it!

the ML going to his doctor friend to learn how to make s*x feel good for the MC due to his ahem, size~

the reactions of the MLs soldiers to their wangfei and how he tamed the lion

they go to a lantern festival and the ML secretly sneaks away to get the MCs wish lantern from the water to see if the wish is about him because he was insecure that the MC was harboring feelings for another character

actually, the entire misunderstanding between the ML and the MC about the MCs rumored affections for his cousin is really funny both because it shows the MLs insecurities, which made him a better character, and the MCs obliviousness to romantic overtures (it was so funny when his cousin was like but you accepted my love poem?? and the MC is like... dude I was just being nice idk sh*t about poetry)

the face slapping that happens to the MCs shitty family

the backstory that the MC/ML actually met as children but the MC forgot due to a fever

the ML buying desserts/food for his wangfei, so much that stores basically make the MC their mascot to sell more food to people

MC tries to immediately change the path of previous life and is very pro active in (1) attempts to consummate their marriage (however it still takes a while as ML is very respectful!), (2) change how the public sees them (oa get rid of arrogant and gossiping servants, giving food to the poor), (3) make a lot of money using his knowledge of the


MC is very smart, persistent and courageous. In the past life he was a coward, listening to rumors and didnt contribute anything to the country and instead lived in the palace shutting himself away. This life he uses his brains and invents lots of new things and set up many business opportunities. He loves ML a lot and redeems himself by unconditionally standing by his side and helping him changing his reputation.

ML is a fierce general, warlord of the North. He is totally OP, smart, strategic, rich and oh so yummy! His past life was soooo tragic, how he died in the end (commiting suicide) holding MCs jade pendant. He only wished to protect MC for a lifetime, but MC only saw him as a monster. MC was all he has left and was the only thing in his sad world that was worth fighting for but even MC left him in the end. In their first life, ML never forces MC (to have sex) even after 10y of marriage. ML was utterly lonely and had no one. He wasnt a cruel person but was perceived as such incl. MC. He was so kind and protective towards MC... Luckily, in the end the tragic ML of the first life also gets his happy ending!

This story was so hart warming as you feel heart broken for ML in their first life, so as soon as MC starts his new life youll feel so good that ML is now loved and taken care of. Their love is so touching and beautiful. There is so much tenderness, warmth, doting, healing. Totally wholesome and fluffy.

This story has fantastical elements related to MCs background. Usually, I dont like it when genres are mixed, because most of times it is not well executed, too far fetched/out of place, and distorts the whole feel and world building that has been created in the beginning, but in this novel it was OK. There was a lot of mystery and as a reader you really want to know the real story of MCs clan! So, although the whole feel did change due to the mystery and fantasy elements, it wasnt that bad. Although I think I would still have preferred to not make it fantastical.

Key words: second chance to happiness, happy family, doting couple, OP character, rise to ultimate power, getting super rich and finding treasures, mystery and fantasy (last 1/4 of story), unifying countries, becoming a prosperous country.

Im too lacking in maturity that I cant understand why MC gets or deserve to have a second chance for his judging or believing rumors about ML in previous life. This behavior is one that I tend to avoid personally because these are people you cant trust when youre on your lowest and you just need someone who would be willing to see the truth not base on other peoples words. I dont understand how that takes a lifetime to see through a person, its more like never seeing that


person on the eye because from the start youve already decided not to.

It is such a beautiful story.. ・∀・ The gentle MC and the cold ML complement each other. (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) They worked hard and supported each other until they achieved a prosperous world. They also had children which are well-behaved and had grown excellent. (˘ ³˘) ❤ There was an unexpected surprise at the end! Be sure to read it! 〜^∇^) 〜

The shou becomes a double emperor along with the gong. Which is way cooler than being a Male empress. The MTL is readable compare to most Historical Yaoi. But still, when the MTL translates the Shark tribe as Chimpanzee I just feel like flipping the table. The story is good, but then at the end, the story deviates widely from the original storyline of the love story and character development into sea adventure which I didnt see coming. But it was still fun.

SPOILER Side note - the biggest clown in


the story is Huaishuan (the first king if Yuze). He builds a magnificent palace to show his love for Yu qiao hoping that YQ will see how much he loves him and will return his love. Instead, YQ went and lived in the Palace all happy with his husband and kid while Huaishuan was looking for him all over the world. And finally, on his death bed, Yu QIao and his husband dropped by and says Tada you SOB I was alive all along lol

The premise is clich, in that MC reincarnates after neglecting ML for a whole life and such (theres even another very good CN novel with basically the exact same plot points), but the execution is perfect and leaves no room for dissatisfaction

MCs sister should have been one of the siblings teachers

The writing is good and novel, the pace and plot are well delivered, and the characters are likable. The loose threads are all tied up neatly in the end, so I cant complain.

MC and ML not OP, they understand each other, they never fight, at first ML have timid personality and scared to tell/ask MC question (scaring MC answer will affect their relationship), after some time they decide to just be open and tell each other everything no secret, including their past life

ML already have crush with MC since children and decide to protect him when he grow up, but MC didnt remember meeting ML because he had fever when he was child, MC also started to have feeling for ML from the previous life when he became lingering soul watching ML living his life in pain

Slowly they fall deeper in love with each other

MC are from cursed clan that men can give birth, beside having excellent appearance, they also live longer than normal people, which made people to believe whoever eat their flesh will gain immortality, thats why they live in seclusion

Its nice that the past life will also have happy ending

As everybody also said, this story is just so good. Ive mtl-ed this but even that was still pretty understable. As I was saying, this novel is just too good. All the character, most especially the MC and ML was well written and had depth. I really love the fact how the premise of the MCs rebirth happened and how the plot of the story progressed.

Moreover, the part where MC became a wisp of soul and just watched over how the ML lived his life in utter loneliness to when he committed suicide and then on beheaded and had his body thrown was so painful to read especially from the MCs perspective. You can feel not just his sadness but also his regret, frustration, and just despair for the the ML and generally for the lost time that they couldve spent happily together.


This makes me feel calm. Their love is very romantic, the author explains clearly why the main character can give birth, and why he is reincarnate again.

I personally like stories like this.

like Xue Wuyi who we know that he is dead but I really want to see a happy ending, then Qi Wei who doesnt have a partner and maybe a mermaid character named Xiao Mu Yu who helps them in the last few chapther... yes there are some characters that I wish in fanwai (extra)

About the extra is a little confusing in the last 2 chapters but after I reread it again, its all clear, maybe I can share a note from the author in original article

MC came back to untie MLs heart knot (in chinese heart knot means unsolved problem that been keep deep down in heart) in his previous life, and after turning it into a happy memory ML recalled about his previous life, so there is no more regrets

so ML (the sad emperor) rebuilds his life of up to 15 years to the current timeline,

he (curent emperor) wakes up and remembers the story of his previous lives and with both memories unites with MC

i just want to ask if this novel is an Mpreg or the MC/ML can give birth to a child? In the Tag list has its Mpreg but Im not really sure it is. I have read the reviews and no one was mentioning kids or MC gave birth. Im making my own list of mpreg so I would have reading list about it. Im sucker for little cute kids in ancient times.

The novel has your tipical misunderstanding between the ML and MC. Wich caused the two of them to lead sad and lonely lives in their first lifetime- before the MC traveled back to their wedding.

The MC did not have an understanding of the MC and only saw him as a cruel man. That is until he died and the MC finally showed compasin. Making the MC realize what could have been, what he missed out with not having a proper relationship with ML.

The story is really sweet, we see the


both of them marry and live a good life while they get to know each other in their marriage. They relay on each other and support one another in their carriers.

The children the MC has are just lovely, and the parents act like parents and they have their family moments. The MC linage and how he gets to have children, as well as his mysteries linage will be answered.

So sweet and adorable!!! Absolutely worth the read! The MC and the ML are just so sweet together. They go through think and thin and live happily!

This is even rare than a top/seme/gong MC. You seen bottom/shou/uke MC having rebirth and choosing another path the the ML is involved in but never an MC going back in time and deliberately love the ML

What I like is that both of their characters changed after interacting with each other. Before MC was timid, coward and indifferent. But now he took the first step and braved himself to make this husband of his to be happy. ML tried to understand his husband dislike of marrying as male bride to the point of too coward and shy to express his thought and feeling to his husband and kept thinking there was someone else An ChangQing liked. After being treated with kindness and love, and clearing their


misunderstanding Xiao ZhiGe finally dared to believe that they could be together. He even turned into very different guy! From being used to not having anyone, now he didnot want to live without his husband. From being a shy guy who could not express his feeling he turned into a pampering husband and he also liked to be pampered lol

the kids are so cute, I love them T_T

I enjoyed it a lot. This is it, I dont know what more to say lmao. It was a very nice read.

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