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2022 Jun 01

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Navier was the perfect empress, however, the Emperor wanted a wife, not a colleague. And so, the Emperor abandoned Empress Navier and placed an ens*aved girl beside him. That was fine until Navier heard the Emperor promise the s*ave the Empress position. After many ups and downs, Navier decided she would accept being the Queen of the neighbouring country and remarry.

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I LOVE IT! This novel is absolutely a classic, the romance aint boring or shit, its very flowing and satisfying. Its very much like a Korean drama, your heart gets squeezed over the littlest bits. Its so satisfying to see tr*shta messing up and watching Soveish*t regretting his decisions. And seeing Navier and Heinley get along.

Right now, I think Naviers pregnant so im looking forward to future chapyters and seeing tr*shta and Soveishits downfall! Hehe.

First of all, this novel doesnt have any face slapping or anything like that. The MC behaves like a true empress. She isnt petty. She bears with anything if its for the sake of the empire. She doesnt do any obvious actions to put people in place. The only badass thing she does is remarrying another country king soon after getting her divorce. I feel the author doesnt showcase her talents much. Shes just cool and smart enough. Thats all. Shes not OP in any way. Shes just like a


normal good empress, always caring about people and ignoring the sh*t of high society. Well I would have loved to see a strong female MC who knows how to put people in place. In that case, she wouldve dealt with rashta in the very beginning itself instead of letting the matter escalate so much. Although the MC is really plain, the novel is enjoyable to read until now, 257 chap atleast. And yes, the story progression is indeed slow.

Also I wouldve preferred an ex husband who is a complete tr*sh unlike sovieshu. Sigh he made too many scummy mistakes arrogantly but he truly loved, protected and covered for her from childhood. I dont like this. The main problem with them is, they dont sit and talk their hearts out. Even before divorcing, he wont explain to her about anything. Both of them think the other person isnt in love. Which is frustrating. This s*upid guy realises everything is falling apart only after sh*t hit the fan. What an idiot. He takes her for granted too much. They never try to clear their misunderstandings. Its good that they divorced but it still pains. They were such sweet and good kids in childhood. He truly had sincere feelings for her and so did she. But neither of them express it or rather neither of them knew it themselves how much they loved each other until the moment of no return. And they grew apart. Only he is devastated by what he had done and wants to get back with her coz he never imagined his life without her. His heart ached for her presence all the time coz he realised he truly loved her. Well, thats what u get for not trusting or respecting your partner. Now theres no second chance since she already has a loving man by her side. And I love the main couple uwu.. Heinley is so cute and so hawt

I have no words to describe how beautiful this work is. The protagonist is dignified but without lost her humanity. Also the plot is good and not too heavy, its the kind of novels that intrigue you with each chapter. 100% recommended.

This is a pretty good character piece, I think. All the characters are quite fleshed out and behave reasonably and understandably even when theyre a**holes. The primary two antagonists dont really come across as being terrible just for the sake of it but rather because one is desperate and the other is... confused, for lack of a better word. Ill just talk about those two briefly since I see a lot of hatred for them without anyone mentioning what actually makes them good characters.

First, you have your typical green tea bit*h Rashta, a runaway s*ave either born into s*avery or a former criminal, its not really clear yet and may never be addressed. Her only real skills are knowing how to manipulate men and make people sympathize with her. Not bad, but it leaves her rather unprepared to deal with actual politics and when this side fails it leaves her with no other cards to play. You can see that she actually kind of admires Navier and wants to imitate her, but Naviers attitude and abilities were cultivated over years and cant be picked up that easily. She isnt s*upid, but she IS ignorant, and its a major hurdle for her. She doesnt even really seem to be aiming for much: She just wants to live a comfortable life where shes respected by the nobility and free from being abused. For a former s*ave, that really isnt asking for anything crazy. At this point, she isnt aiming to be empress because, well, she doesnt need to be empress to be happy. She just wants someone to care about her and doesnt really mind dragging other people down to bring herself up, such as her slander against Tuania or making Navier look bad. The son of a relatively minor villain put it best: You want to save her because she seems trapped in the mire, but when you get close you find out she IS the mire.

Second, emperor Sovieshu, Naviers husband. While early on it seems as though he cares very little for Navier, the reason for his affair is at least understandable. While rather selfish and hypocritical, there are a lot of points where he shows that he depends on Navier and tries to reach out to her only for her to fail to respond, which leaves him feeling unloved. Mostly because he is unloved. As he points out, he would like to have an actual spouse and not just a business partner, but Naviers feelings only rise to the level of friendship and trust, an attitude that slowly degrades until she comes to find his mere presence saddens her since hes always showing more concern for his concubine. But the concern he shows for Rashta actually seems rather superficial in some ways. Who does he open up to? Who is the one that makes him jealous even as her conduct is much less questionable? Who does he actually respect? Navier on all three points. And if he trusts her less, its only really because hes been blinded by some woman who keeps telling him exactly what he wants to hear. And as time goes by you can see him gradually growing suspicious of Rashta. He dotes on Rashta, but Navier seems like the one he actually loves. But he and Navier arent compatible because he wants things from her that she cant and wont give him.

I pity him, a little, because at best hes going to destroy his relationship with the woman heactuallyloves and will be left alone and loveless through no ones fault but his own. After all, even if he felt unsatisfied with his relationship with Navier, taking in a concubine was not the way to address the situation. At worst, hes going to go berserk and end up dead.

The story loses a point for being a bit slow paced and meandering. Was it really necessary to spend 87 chapters watching the royal familys relationship deteriorate this way? And theres no real end in sight either.

Rashta totally lose her sh*t and go full on Caligula within like ten minutes without it even feeling like shes breaking character Shes just going through a major breakdown after her paranoia and obsession with Navier and Sovieshu get the better of her and her old tricks dont really work anymore once shes an empress. It really shows the difference between wisdom and intelligence because Rashta is not s*upid, but she has no idea how to actually handle things or who to trust. Meanwhile, Sovieshu himself actually pulls himself together and is clearly deeply regretful of everything he has done and has finally realized what Rashta is truly like but... now its too late. Hes stuck with her.

I loved the novel in the beginning, I really did. I loved the way the characters were described. The dialogues were well drafted and I expected more. However, 100+ chapters into the story, and there is still no resolution. Why introduce the first chapter this, when the plot takes so long to get to those events. The whole love Vs marriage scenerio started to drag. I skipped a few chapters, still there is not much story development. I hope that the story doesnt drag more and


we get to the events of the first chapter soon. Kudos to the translator for an amazing and smooth translation.

So far so good. The author is good at playing with our, the readers, emotions. Look at all the hate filled emotion reviews! Like the other reviews, she makes it so easy to hate the to be ex husband and that skank! You will get so mad on Naviers behave, its like were her group of ladies who get mad on her behalf. And Rastha oh God, shes a mf-en b*****. Hate her guts to the world. I have no sympathy for her background. As you continue to read youll


also be like this little b*****. She sure knows how to play a crowd and I cant stand her talking in third person. Youre a grown ass women and shes very aware of what shes doing. Im just glad Navier will accept the divorce. And just like what many speculate, Im sure everything will go down to hell in that kingdom once she leaves.

I love the story so much. I love how the author portrays each characters. Ive never hate any fictional characters as much as I hate that tr*sh (Rashta). I dont care how yall say you sympathize with her as you read further, but I hate her to the core. And dont get me started on the emperor, hes the tr*shiest person Ive ever read.

Anyways, I love the plot building and the conflicts that Navier had to face before everything went downhill. The mister-steal-yo-girl is just so fineee *cough* Hes a


great character. But to the point Im reading now is just amazing left and right. The satisfaction that the emperor losing OUR QUEEN!!! The satisfaction of the time where the tr*sh thinks shes doing something but shes too dumb to notice and the people around her are embarrassed for her *cough* the wedding dress *cough*.

it took 150 chapters for them to finally get divorced but goddamn it was it worth it! That smug emperor SoB deserves every bad thing thats coming for him! I dont think a web novel has ever made me feel this many emotions before. I even dropped it at one point because I was so angry at the second ML, but I started again after a few months because its such an amazing story! Its so well written, and well translated, and the characters and plot are so interesting! I


definitely recommend it (even if you spend half the time clenching your jaw at how s*upid and horrible the emperor and concubine are).

while the s*ave was a butterfly, who want that all attention was on her, a person who what to be a phoenix inshort a FAKE phoenix (a bug to a phoenix), scheming white lotus.

Currently I found this book and binged even the mtl translated parts so right now Im caught up to the actual number of releases..

Despite my apparent fervor for this book, its not quite giving me what I want satisfaction wise.

Inside of the translated version it takes around chapter 158 for the topic of divorce to even be discussed... thus for the previous 158 chapters (split of course) you have to suffer through an innocent s*ave ascending the throne as the empress and emperor whos delusions is probably as big as his kingdom. Im not sure if this would be a problem for others, but my heart hurt for our MC, Navier. She had to deal with the white lotus constantly getting her in trouble (which most of the time she didnt even do) and the emperor defending the white lotus. Even after her re-marriage to the ML does the the s*upid emperor and the vicious empress try to harm her.

I essentially just wish we had more pay off with these characters instead of all this dragging around. The most I have gotten as remorse is the emperor crying saying that he misses Navier (while still being with the white lotus and excusing every evil thing she tries to do) and set ups to what is hopefully the downfall of the white lotus.

I might continue reading this book for now it gets a 3 by me.

This caught my attention when I read the summary but then as the story progress its get tedious the more I read. Its a slow burn read so if you expect a fast face slapping (like in some novels) then this is not for you (and for me... oops). The premise is interesting but the MC really dont impress me so far shes boring, also the characters and story development is almost none. I know its a slow paced kind of story and its still ongoing but it seems the


story almost only revolved a story of rumors this and that, gossips here and there among nobles although some are not. The plot development? Well,... be

... still I dont get with the high ratings, the plot isnt getting anywhere, the MC just like a dull mannequin... the rest arenah,gotta drop this click bait novel and what a waste of long and dragged chapters but still grateful to the translator.

Really love it. Wished it was completed. This was the type of novel that is worthy of staying up late for. I love how she just wants to have a peaceful life but was always ruined by rashta who knows nothing of aristocratic etiquette. The emperor must be dumb to let a girl who knows nothing of how the aristocracy works be his concubine. The emperor almost never consider his position as well as the empress position whenever he does s*upid things. Always insulting the empress and never let her


explain the situation. Why? Just because she wouldnt bed him? And there is also rashta who only knows how to cry. I get that the author gave her a story so we could forgive her if only a bit but I just cant like her. Or not hate her. Why in the f*ck do you always cry? Like what the f*ck the empress do to you? Youre always the one insulting the empress and not knowing your place. Even when you first met what did you say to her? Hey?? Who in their right mind would call the empress hey? I get that you were a s*ave but just how ignorant can you be? Even if the empress had no title rashta would still be below her. But then there are the blessings in her life. Heinely, the grand duke, her ladies in waiting, her family. I cant wait for moooooreeeeeee ✧\ (o) ノ✧

I read the mtl after the divorce. Ill list the things that I understood from the raws.

*The emperor was shocked after he finds out that the former empress was going tp remarry. Not sure why but hes not very fond of the idea that the navi will remarry heinely.

*The emperor ordered to find a law, etiquette, whatever it is that can stop the former empress from remarrying but the only way is to cancel the divorce.

*Of course tr*shta was so very happy that she finally became the empress even though the emperor didnt marry her yet.

*the elgy guy helps (i think) kind heinely and navi to escape since the emperor was so against their marriage. And from what I read he was planning on divorcing her and then marrying her again because of his child. I dont know what kind of lies tr*shta told the dumb emperor but he seems to believe that navi is infertile. Or maybe because he thinks they wont have children. Anyways he wants the b*tchs baby to be his heir or something.

*When the emperor hears that fled he was like find her. Search for her! And went crazy.

The plot sounds clich at first but the characters are written so well that I can actually sympathize with every one of them. Except Sovieshu of course. Hes such an a**hole.

If youre looking for a mature, wise, elegant, and confident FL, then Navier is IT. Shes beautiful not only in looks but also in bearing. Some people may hate her because she refuses to fight Rashta


but they dont understand that she chooses to remain silent because she was raised to be calm, poised and not let her emotions control her. Fighting with her husbands concubine and involving herself in drama would not look good for her and the royal familys image. She knows her place and the power she wields and she handles herself with grace and dignity. Shes an empress in every sense of the word. Ive lost count of how many times I wanted to fight Sovieshu for her honor.

Rashta is an intriguing rival. Of course, I loathe her for her naïve act and how she twists everything to her advantage. But I have to admit that Im impressed with how she uses her assets to subtly control Sovieshu and the people around her. Given her background and the things she experienced, her being obsessed with achieving fame and status is not surprising at all.

Its actually interesting how there are some moments where she doesnt really express any ill-intent towards Navier. There are times when she sincerely expresses her admiration for Navier. She just wants to secure her place in Sovieshus side.

And finally, theres Heinley. I love how he can be wicked and calculating in his plans yet hes still so innocent and lovestruck when it comes to Navier. Hes fiercely protective towards her and he feels her emotions as if it were his own. I seriously lost it when he cried for her. Hes loyal, charming and devoted. Hes so much more than what meets the eye and I cant wait for him and Navier to be together.

Overall, the story is rich and emotionally-gripping. The translation also deserves a solid 5 stars. The plot moves slowly because the author wants to unravel Navier and Sovieshus relationship in detail and thats fine with me. I just hope that Navier doesnt suffer anymore. My girl has been through so much. Im ready for some Navier x Heinley action.

That novel it is really perfect. The characther are complex and all what happen to them. I hate Rastha with all my heart, and Soviet for been an idiot with Navier. She doesnt did enything wrong. So... I am really anxious. I have to read more of this.

I was sooo happy when shes finally at the MLs side. But it takes too long (in the translation) for this to happen ㅠㅠ

The novel is very good, but like all Korean drama tends to be exaggerated and very long in the drama, when you think that the conflicts are over, about 10, 000 more emerge, after the climax of the story has passed and the climax of the story is supposed to arrive. Moment of retribution of the characters, who spent hundreds of chapters focusing on how despicable and annoying they were, and of the protagonists to be happy but no! There are dog dramas after dog dramas, some make sense, obviously


living among royalty there are many political conflicts to deal with but honestly I am bored by so much drama. The author does not think it enough with everything I put in the first half of the story? I really wish that we could see more Navier enjoy his new life, well deserved !! Quietly, without there being a lot of supporting character drama around it.

About Rastha I dont know how I should feel, the girl was ambitious, envious and cowardly, the fear that she would be abandoned and envy were mainly what led her to do all the things she did, she believes that she has the right to be like that, because Your life experience was very sad, and because your life experience was very sad, you can envy others, covet the things of others, and do whatever it takes to hold on to that new life they are giving you. I do not believe it! Even if I feel sorry for her past, I dont think its an excuse to envy Navier who has nothing to do with her, even if you envy, keep it for yourself, as long as you dont affect others, everything is fine, but it didnt.

What is really regrettable about her is the fact that Sovieshu used her and then discarded her, she would not have had the opportunity to unleash her dark feelings if it werent for the fact that He allowed her to, over and over again. The freedom to be ruthless and arrogant, even covering up for her and helping her from behind, making her behavior worse day after day, but when he got upset with her, when she actually made him angry, he dismissed her and even let some false charges be imposed on her in court, and let them discover things that He Himself had previously concealed from her, then isnt this hypocrisy? Really the true villain of the story is Sovieshu no Rastha, I will not say that she was a victim of circumstances, because that is not an excuse for anything, but if I can tell you that much of her bad behavior was driven by Sovieshu, He was her savior and also the one who condemned her, if he had freed her after feeling sorry for her nothing bad would have happened, but He was lustful and greedy, longing for her beauty. In the end we could see that the girl at least felt guilty, in her last moments of life, she dreamed of those to whom she did the most harm and she apologized to them, while they forgave her. Hinting that this was one of her regrets and hidden desires, at least she felt remorse for her actions, she was not as morally lost as she seemed.

The dynamic between the ML and the FL is adorable! And while yes it takes a long time to get to the remarried part of the story I actually enjoy how realistic it is. You can go read other stories where there are lots of major time skips and the story is done in like 20 chapters, but this one is great for showing all parts of whats is going on


and seeing how long it actually takes for people to fall in love and get a divorce and remarry. I think that the tragedy and angst that the empress feels before the divorce is necessary to tell so I dont mind that its took lots of chapters for her to divorce. You get to really see what happened and how she felt with each event that lead to her realizing she didnt want to be with her ex-husband and that she was gonna do something for herself for once. Anyways, I could talk about a million other things with this story but I just love it. Lots of great storytelling and the illustrations are amazing as well!

I read this a long time ago, dropped it at around chapter 50ish because everything is juust sooo infuriating. I thought I could hold on and wait but the light at the end of the tunnel still cant be seen so I just decided to jump off the train.

Honestly, Im not even mad at Sovieshu anymore. I am more annoyed at the author 😂 Sovieshu I believe (correct me if I am wrong) was not an incapable ruler. As the reviewer above has said, Heinley and Navier even


said he wasnt a bad emperor. So how can he make such a s*upid decision?

He at first was in love with the little hoe tr*shta, and proceeded to treat Navier like sh*t. Then after a few months he becomes tired of her and then out of the blue he says he has been planning all along to use the girl because Navier is infertile?? And then he comes up with that sh*t plan of divorcing Navier, making Rashta empress, divorce again, and then reinstating Navier as empress again??? What the hell?????

If he wanted a child so bad he couldve chosen a woman among the nobles. Less hassle right? And then if he liked Rashta so much because he wanted his ego stroked then he couldve kept her as a concubine or something.

I feel like Sovieshu is really a proper emperor, but then for the sake of the plot the author dumbed him down so the plot could move. I mean it worked, a lot of us got hooked and just ate up the novel so we could see Sovieshu and Rashtas downfall, but giving this some thought made me realize how s*upid (sorry 😶) this is.

As the story progressed, Navier seems like the only character with a brain and everyones braincells just stopped working. I can understand the reason behind Rashtas decisions, but Sovieshu... hes a victim of the plot in my opinion.

Another reason why I dropped this is because of how looong the divorce happened. Couldnt stomach anymore of the s*upid couples idiocy so I bid this novel goodbye.

All in all, id say read this for the face-slapping (although that might take a while) but the anatagonists actions can be mind-boggling so I guess have patience? If you dont have any of that then drop it and just read spoilers lol

This is the best Novel Ive ever read! Well, its also the first novel Ive ever read. After seeing the Manwha adaptation and how bad the art looked, I wanted to read the novel to see if enduring the bad art was worth it. And the answer is no, Im not going to read the manwha when its art is that bad. Because it would be a disgrace to experience the story through such an imperfect medium!!! The art in this novel is amazing and so is the writing! I


dont think Im going to be able to downgrade to the manwha. Everyone, read this novel its the best!!! You can really feel the emotions of the characters in this novel and Navier and Heinley are just so cute lol.

Its a nice story but I am not sure whether the translator is translating the web novel or the web toon. So far I could only find the web toon version of the novel, which seems to be the one the translator is using.

Right off the bat the author dropped us in the part where the divorce happen and she pulled off the remarriage with a foreign King. We then have to suffer in excruciating pain watching the bumbling second female lead causing havoc in the court for half of


Eastern Empire is the most powerful nation on the continent. Yet a foreign prince, two dukes of foreign countries and a minor viscount of the Eastern Empire can easily wander around the Palace. All having interviews with either the Empress or the Royal Concubine. Give me a bloody break.

Where are the palace guards? We have knights who protect the Empress but they are no where in sight when one of the important character appears to have a conversation with the Empress.

The Emperor got whacked by a foreign duke and never had to suffer any consequences from it. If you are going to use western aristocracy as a template. If a nobles honour has been insulted - a duel of life and death would take place. Hitting the Emperor off with your head regardless of political ramification between two states.

The Empress constantly alone with men without her entourage. Not happening.

An Empire with the most powerful military failed to have patrols and a messenger service to stop the ex-Empress from leaving. Laughable.

Emperor failing to punished the foreign duke after he plotted the escape of his ex wife.

Too many problems but Nabi/Navier aka Butterfly the Empress will keep you interested. But this is far from the masterpiece just because its Korean.

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