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2022 Jun 01

Even if you have potential, it does not mean you are a genius. You can learn mysterious martial arts, and you can learn without a teacher.

Even if you have strength, despite having numerous precious treasures, you may not be able to defeat my spirit army.

Who am I? Every living thing in the world views me as Asura, but I didnt know, so I became a martial god as Asura

Chapter 5115: Inside the Sinister River

Chapter 5113: Regret In Your Dreams

Chapter 3 The Start of the Examination

Chapter 4 Even Fiercer than the Fierce Beasts

Chapter 6 Dont Tell Me Its Him?

Chapter 7 Spiritual Medicine Hunt

Chapter 8 Coincidentally Meeting Chu Yue

Chapter 10 Failing to Honor a Debt

Chapter 13 Kneel Down and Beg For Forgiveness

Chapter 14 Elder Brothers Letter

Chapter 15 Dragon and Tiger Brother

Chapter 18 The Scream in the Forest

Chapter 20 Thousand Bone Graveyard

Chapter 22 The Great Battle Between the Girl and the Monster

Chapter 23 Not One in Ten Thousand

Chapter 24 Do You Dare To Marry Me?

Chapter 26 Chu Feng is a Fierce Person

Chapter 28 The Change in Attitude

Chapter 29 Meeting of the Father and Son

Chapter 36 I Will Accept the Challenge

Chapter 38 Famous for a Hundred Miles

Chapter 42 Matching a Hundred as One

Chapter 44 The Arrival of a Disaster

Chapter 46 Entering the Wings Alliance

Chapter 50 Grasping the Mysterious Technique

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

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