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2022 Jun 06

[Reberu] ga Arunara Agerudesho? Mobukyara ni Tensei Shita Ore wa Gmu Chishiki o Ikashi, Hitasura Reberu o Age Tsudzukeru

What happens when you get experience points? You dont know? You Level Up.


A boy who was reincarnated into a game world used his knowledge to raise his level energetically today too!

A Boy Who Was Disowned Because He Was Second in Everything, Is Unknowingly Unmatched

Cleo Farseed, the son of a Duke was disowned by his family because he could only attain second place no matter what he did at the Royal Metropolitan Academy. And to get first he tried everything but always got only second at everything he did.


He decided to escape from his cramped life and live freely as an adventurer, and tried to utilize the skills he had acquired being second at everything, but neither the Duke nor Cleo himself were aware of it how great it was to be second in everything even if not mastering one.

The boy who is second is unaware. Will shake the surroundings with great strength!

A Failed Idols Rise to Bottom

In the early days of my debut as an idol, due to my pretty face, I had to play the role of a bottom in the coupling fans had pushed.


Shocked by my appearance from cute to muscular, fans stopped their fanaticism one by one, and as if on queue, other members of our group, U-PITE, acted similarly foolish one after another as the group broke down.

Five years later, I spend my days in regret having not accepted my role as a bottom and wishing if I could go back to the past, I would be exactly what fans had wanted me to be.

However, a problem had arisen. The other members seemed to have fallen for my bottom act.

A Merchant With Zero Combat Power Who Was A Baggage Handler In A Hero Party (Me), Was Finally Banished And Wants To Be A Steady Merchant.

With the mundane ordinary skill Warehouse, I spent 15 years as a baggage handler in a party that happened to pick me up.


That party grew into the strongest party, led by Ryan, a Hero with the strongest skills. Ryan and his team finally succeed in defeating the Demon King.

For now, I aim to become a great merchant, while working steadily in business, I will try to find a wife. In addition, in this world, polygamy seems to be OK.

A Nightmare Came To The Place I Escaped

Rachel only realized it at the end of her life.


Even that day when Ian was fleeing for his life under threat, Rachel was willing to follow him. She didnt have the slightest hesitation even if it was a dangerous path. Because she didnt want to leave Ian alone.

He came to the place where she escaped to.

In the land of the Xia Kingdom, every human being is born with what is known as a resonance, either to a specific element or a powerful, mythical beast. Unfortunately, Li Luo was born with an incredibly rare condition known as a blank resonance as the name suggests, he doesnt have one! Normally, this would be utterly crippling, but at least he has the advantage of being the young master of the mighty House Loulan, one of the five Great Houses of Xia. Unfortunately, his parents, the powerful masters of House Loulan, have gone missing for many years, and the other Great Houses are beginning to eye their holdings quite hungrily. For that matter,


plenty are also eyeing his talented, beautiful childhood friend and fiancee Jiang Qinge, who has been leading House Loulan in his parents stead! Li Luo would much rather keep a low profile and wants to call off the engagement but Jiang Qinge has flatly refused. Whats a useless young master to do?

Is there any way he can get out of this engagement? Can he figure out a way to protect his House from the jackals circling around it? And is a blank resonance really useless?

Academys Undercover Professor

I wasnt reborn with talent or ability, but at least my knowledge from earth allowed me to stay one step ahead in this other world.


Magic exists here, and new progress was rapidly being made in science while magic stagnated in the name of tradition. Using my earthly knowledge and not bound by the traditional thinking, I was able to do things other wizards couldnt even imagine.

Still, inadvertently becoming an undercover professor for a mysterious secret society at the renowned Sören academy was never in my to-do list!

After Amnesia, Me and My Rival Fell in Love In A Variety Show

The new director and the billionaire president have been married for five years.


It is rumored that the president of Bo Shi has a handsome face that can blind the netizens. He is not only bad-tempered, but also cold-tempered, and loves no one but his wife.

And Jian Songchu, who has never been exposed in the public eye, immediately attracted the curiosity of netizens.

After Getting Amnesia, I Accused My Gong of Trying to Steal Our Children

In the interstellar world, people have difficulty bearing children, and scientists have researched egg breeding technology. Jing Man woke up and found six eggs on his bed.


Who was this wild man? Dont try to steal my baby!

Yang Yes entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves!


This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man whos driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. Its set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye whos shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.

An S-class Adventurer, Banished as the Tank of the Party, Uses His S*ave Release Skill To Build the Strongest Country in History!

I became an S-class adventurer with my childhood friends, using the strength that Im proud of to attract enemies and have my friends defeat them in the meantime, continuing to play the so-called tank role.


I was a paladin, a job specializing in protecting my companions, but perhaps because everyone was protected by me, they did not learn any defense or evasion skills, but only improved their attack skills.

In such a situation, they forgot that they are protected by my skills, and they fired me Wait, I dont care what happens, okay!? Even though your natural defensive power are as good as paper.

But since I had been through a terrible time on my way up to become an S-class adventurer, I decided to take it easy for once and went to the Adventurers Guild to accept a request for a relaxing day alone.

I was told that they had tried to cultivate the land in the past, but the monsters that appeared were so strong that all the farmers had run away, so the vast land would be given as a reward to anyone who succeeds. they were rewarded with a large tract of land.

When I went there after being told that Alex, an S-class adventurer, would be fine! I found that there was not even a village or a house around it, and its beyond of what you call the countryside, because it was a land inhabited by monsters.

The land was deserted, with farming tools left unattended, and there was a monster that I had never seen before, and when I managed to defeat it, I acquired the s*ave Release skill.

After that, a girl with architecture skill, a princess from a foreign country who was a prisoner and I kept freeing people who were ens*aved, and before I knew it, a country was formed and I was treated like a king.

What if you woke up one morning and remembered all 999 of your past lives?


Chae Woojin, an actor who will shine brighter than the stars. A story about his journey towards his dreams!

Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game

Xu Beijin is an extra in the game Escape. His usual role is to lie on the floor to be the corpse, while observing how the Missiontakers scratch their heads to figure out a way to survive.


All the other extras work extremely hard as if trying to win the next Oscars in order to leave this cruel, despairing world; while Xu Beijin has a simple, monotonous, tedious life.

While hes hes working hard dating Lin Qin, the audience goes ?!?! This isnt the horror game stream I signed up for!

Boss, Please Dont Be a Manic

A year of psychotherapy and cohabitation. A confrontation between solidity and tenderness.


Yuan Che a bipolar disorder patient, a workaholic, a doer, an imperiously tyrannical man with a strong possessive and controlling desire.

Ji Cha was fortunate enough to return to two months before the end of the world.


There was only one thought burning in the mind of Ji Cha, who was hungry and afraid, farming, farming, farming!!! Plant a handful of greens first, then peanuts, peppers, and in autumn, we can harvest eh? A boyfriend?

Call Me The Mother of Quick Transmigration

Li Su, who was infertile and divorced, accidentally came across a system. She travelled through world after world and finally fulfilled her wish to be a mother. But why was it that the children the system assigned her were so weird?


But it didnt matter, because I am your mother!

In the previous life, Xu Ruan was arranged by the head of the family and married Ji Cheng, a soldier in the same village. She listened to the nonsense of her good sister, misunderstood Ji Chengs personality, divorced him and fled the village, and lived in a big city.


In this life, she went back to the night she married Ji Cheng and had a drink, and saw that the swelling after Ji Cheng took off his underwear was huge. She had done this thing in her previous life and couldnt close her legs all day long.

She felt that she had misunderstood her past life. He looked handsome, lived a good life, and had a particularly strong stamina, so she didnt want her husband who was so drenched in water. In this life, she must make up for the lack of husband and wife life in the previous life, and continue to live well with Ji Cheng in this life.

Guan Xi, 26 years old, was suddenly informed that shes not a biological child.


In a flash, her world was turned upside down, her parents were going to divide their love, the property would have to be split, and even her current fiance might marry another person.

After pondering overnight, Guan Xi decided to pull herself together and, against her conscience, confess her love to win her fiances favour: Jiang Suizhou, I love you! I love you so much that I cant live without you!

Jiang Suizhou, who just came back from a business trip, slightly raised his eyebrows as he saw the flower petals on the floor,Guan Xi, which limited edition bag did you fancy this time?

The eldest daughter of the Guan family, Guan Xi, has a handsome and wealthy fiance, however, everyone is well aware that Guan Xi and her fiance were just in a speak money not love plastic relationship.

Following the return of the real young lady, a lot of people insinuate that Guan Xi will lose everything. Until at a particular auction, everyone witnessed her fiance, Jiang Suizhou, spending lavishly to buy sets of luxury jewellery for Guan Xi.

He found Jiang Suizhou smiling calmly,Shes my spoiled fiance, whos to say I should change.

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

Lu Yaoyao transmigrated. When she just opened her eyes, a mans beautiful face appeared in front of her, trying to put on a gentle smile: Daughter, call Daddy.


The two Supreme Venerables of the devil and the human race had been deadly rivals for thousands of years. Whenever they met, they would fight to death, but always without a clear winner. One day, they fought for a chance of ascending in a secret realm and accidentally dropped their blood on a piece of spiritual stone nearby.

And this spiritual stone gave birth to a spiritual fetus, which was then born into a baby girl with a mixture of the two Venerables bloodlines.

Devil Venerable and Dao Venerable:

His lover was taken away, his relatives died tragically, his family business was occupied, and he was imprisoned Once in the upper class circle, Mr. Xu became everyones laughing stock overnight.


After he was released from prison, he came back, opened a restaurant, engaged in farming, and made a fortune with steamed buns.

Love is like a deluge: Easy to be swept up in, but arduous to escape.


Rich playboy Xu Juan wields his good looks and illustrious family background to emerge victorious in all affairs of the heart, never once defeated.

Pei Yu is upright and self-restrained, exuding an academic air from top to bottom. It is love at first sight for Xu Juan, who begins to aggressively pursue him with the intention of acquiring a new plaything

Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners arent controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to mysterious events, only a handful of people survive those survivors are then pursued by the government.


On the other hand at another place two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.

What will happen? Where will Liu Ming ends up and in what will he do ?

Chen Rui, a gamer from earth, is reborn in a human body in another world, falling into the legendary, evil, brutal Demon Realm, inhabited by Devils called Mozu and where humans are treated as food. He has to survive while facing horrifying devils, poison dragons, and a variety of powerful enemies by using on a strange Super System chip and his wits, surrounded by the Devils beauties such as the black-bellied lolita princess, the iceberg queen, the violent scythe, and the charming succubus.


Wanting to live in the Devils world is hard! Wanting to live in the Devils world as a human is harder! Wanting a human to be the devils son-in-law is hardest!

Let us see how a small otaku uses his power and strategy step by step starting from an ordinary human to writing the legend as the devils greatest son-in-law.

An abnormally fiery night she spent with a man who she accidentally saved his life.


Or will you marry me and stay with the child?

Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?

Five years since I graduated from high school, and within those years, at the same time I was confined by my younger sister, but it all ended when I ran away and died being hit by a truck. At last Im free from my devil-like sister! Well, thats what I thought but my sister was reincarnated with me at the same time in the same world. But this time, Ill escape from my sisters clutches and live my life in a different world freely. With the strongest weapon and class I received from god.