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2022 Jun 07

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Read about our team of dedicated and qualified tutors below. Each has graduated from an American or Canadian university and demonstrated strong credentials & communication skills in order to join the team.

Tom was one of the first writers employed by

and has worked with more than 1000 clients in various subject areas. Quickly becoming a favorite among students, Tom credits his success as being partly due to having acquired a bachelors degree in Communication from one of the nations most prestigious universities. He also recently earned his masters in English from a top international university and spends his time teaching the English language to children in foreign countries while writing papers and speeches for Killer Papers in the evening. Foregoing numerous opportunities to work in corporate America, Tom instead travels the world while working as a professional writer for numerous publications, and of course, Killer Papers.

Tom combines the eloquence of a seasoned scholar of literature with the vibrancy of a young, creative mind in his work. Passionate and knowledgeable about virtually all and every topic that comes across his desk, Tom is one of the few people in the industry today who can genuinely claim to have seen it all when it comes to writing papers.

Toms Sample Writing Portfolio:Click Here

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MelissaMelissa is a writer for KillerPapersand has recently acquired her Bachelors of the Fine Arts and Masters of the Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Her work has appeared online and in print as early as 2005 when she was a sophomore in high school. Her graduate thesis was nominated for Best Thesis in Young Adult Literature, and her writing has been published in various literary magazines and journals, such as the Minor Bird, Gemini Literary Magazine, and Poetry South Review. When shes not writing, she enjoys traveling and competing with her horse. In her downtime, she cuddles up with a good book and her cat.

aKellieKellie graduated from one of the best colleges in the Northeast, and as a sort of shy actress, found outafterwards that being on the stage wasnt necessarily for her. However, writing about the stage totally was! Living in Brooklyn, working in a theater by night and writing your papers by day, this writer spends her free time playing with two little Italian Greyhounds and eating as many cookies as she can get her hands on.

By the way--English, History, Theater, Social Sciences, shes all about those.

CourtneyCourtney has worked for Killerpapers since 2018, but has been writing successful academic papers at both high school and college levels for a formidable amount of time. She holds English-based degrees at both a bachelors and masters level, but takes the most pride in her ability to consume impressive amounts of food while binge watching Netflix. She has an intricate knowledge of what teachers look for in papers and laughs in the face of deadlines. Courtney most deeply enjoys analyzing literature or poetry, but her passion for writing clearly shows in every paper she produces.

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aKatieKatie began working with Killer Papers in 2017, and entered into the career with a writing background that could support the diversity of projects that KP offers. Katie graduated with a Masters Degree in Biology in 2014, but thats not all she can do Katie also minored in English Literature, and has an undergraduate specialization certificate in the Foundations of Medicine. In her spare time, Katie enjoys (slowly) working through her library of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and even those classic novels you were forced to read in high school. In her spare time, Katie mostly enjoys travelling, cycling, and woodworking, but also ends up spending a lot of her time binging entire Netflix series in one weekend.

Katies Sample Writing Portfolio:Click Here

aParkerParker is a savvy wordsmith and an experienced resume writer. As a child, he promised himself never to cage his potential. This commitment has taken him on an exhilarating journey. Equipped with a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration, he has explored the worlds of finance, supply chain, non-profits, international affairs, and more.

Through this, he has garnered the ability to write on many topics, offering perspectives only acquired through experience. His expertise goes far beyond a 3.97 college GPA or a job offer from the worlds top investment bank. Parker has a passion for equipping others with the tools necessary to succeed. Clients benefit from mastery and zeal unmatched by many in the industry.

Parkers Sample Writing Portfolio:Click Here

aLeeAnnLeeAnnhas been writing with Killer Papers since 2017. She has a Bachelors degree in Journalism from a prominent university in the Northeastern United States. LeeAnn likes to write essays, book summaries, personal narratives, and research papers. She is excellent with student-writer communication and meeting deadlines. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and counts Fargo, Shawshank Redemption and Mystic Pizza as some of her favorites.

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aMarieMariestudied international business & creative writing in undergrad and received her bachelors in 2016. She has had a love for writing since she was young and helped her friends edit their own papers throughout high school, college, and beyond. She currently has published two novels and has 4 more in the process of being published.Mariespecializes in creative papers, analytical papers, and business topics, but is known for getting papers done efficiently and with quick turn around time. When not writing, she enjoys travel, checking out new restaurants, and spending time with her friends at the beach.

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Maries Sample Writing Portfolio:Click Here

aaMattMatt has been with the company since 2018 and has quickly made a name for himself as a dependable, quality writer in a number of subjects areas. Matt graduated with a BA in economics, and in addition to econ, specializes in English, history, philosophy and psychology. That being said he has also done work outside of these fields in subjects all the way from music to architecture, so feel free to reach out to him with any project you might need help with!

Watch Matt write an essay on post-nut clarity LIVE on YouTube:Link

aLiaLia spent her college days as the head copy editor of her nationally ranked college newspaper. With a background in film and screenwriting, her knack for storytelling and editing has landed her multiple gigs reading screenplays at prestigious production companies. These days, she teaches English as a foreign language in Europe, giving her the freedom to travel while she works on Killer Papers essays.

Lias Sample Writing Portfolio:Click Here

aCiaraCiara joined Killer Papers after earning her masters degree in English and visual analysis and her bachelors in English, where she received Honours for her undergraduate dissertation. She specializes in English and history papers, but enjoys writing and researching on a wide variety of topics. She has also served as a tutor specializing in test prep for AP English (Language and Literature), AP history (American, World, European, Art), and SAT/ACT English for the past two years. In her spare time, she enjoys figure skating, mystery novels, and making babka.

Ciaras Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

aErinErin recently graduated cum laude from a major west coast university with a bachelors degree in art history in 2019. She is planning to attend graduate school for a masters degree in art history so that she can work in a museum one day. History and art are her favorite subjects and have been since she was young. She loves learning about history and as an artist herself, she became fascinated with art history. Researching and analyzing are her forte, after writings endless amounts of papers in college. She prides herself on meeting deadlines and being thorough in my work. She also enjoys English and psychology, but likes learning and studying different subjects as well. She is also proficient in French, and loves to travel!

DanetteDanette graduated with her bachelors in communications and has worked in the education industry for several years. She specializes in English, literature, psychology, sociology, career prep, and other related subjects. When not working, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family.

afamilyCassieCassie is a writer for Killer Papers with a Bachelors in English and a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She graduated from her undergraduate college with honors and completed her MFA with a 4.0 GPA. She has been a content writer and academic content writer for the last six years, and has multiple publications of her own with esteemed journals. In her free time she likes to hike, paint, and swim.aAdamAdam is a new writer for Killer Papers, and is in the process of acquiring his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Growing up in the northeast and attending a small university in New Hampshire has allowed him to take in the nature around him and use it to write. He wrote articles for his local newspaper growing up and also made the newspaper often for his athletic and academic skills. Adam enjoys writing research papers because every paper also allows him to gain more knowledge as well.

aJordanJordan has a bachelors degree in political science from Fordham University and has worked with elected officials and in the non-profit sector. He minored in philosophy. He also has several years of experience as a freelance writer and blogger and has written extensively about business topics and the psychology of persuasion. When hes not writing for you, hes working on finishing his epic novels and books about military history, which he has studied extensively.

aHannahHannah is a writer for Killer Papers with years of college-educated Journalism and English skills. For more than ten years Hannah has enjoyed creative writing whenever she has time. She wrote and produced a play that was performed at her high school, and she currently works for her college newspaper as a staff writer. Hannah can help nail any assignment and help with any homework problems. In her spare time, Hannah is studying to become a musical theatre minor, enjoys singing, reading, playing with her small dog and eating tons of pasta.

aCristinaCristina is the holder of a Masters degree in social work as well as undergraduate degrees in philosophy and psychology. She worked as a peer writing tutor throughout college and enjoys English and Spanish literature deeply, although she is a skilled writer and editor across multiple subject areas. Cristina is fluent in Spanish and the go-to writer for Spanish essays, discussions and more. Cristina spends her free time hanging with her French bulldog and binge-watching period piece films.

AlexAlex is a highly experienced collegiate writer whose personal writing and editing experiences make her an asset for clients looking for an academic voice in their writing assignments. Alex received her undergraduate degree with a major in English from a private liberal arts university. She also received masters degrees in education and is pursuing a doctorate degree. Her areas of expertise are essay structure, informative essay writing, research writing, literary analysis, and grammar. She is an expert in grammar usage, punctuation, and sentence structure. Alex is especially strong in revising and editing, and she has vast experience in MLA and APA formatting. Alex has been working with college writers for ten years, and she understands the expectations of college-level writing. Her personal writing experiences and experiences working with college students have provided Alex with a substantial background in writing for many different higher education English and education courses. Alexs passion for writing and editing are unmatched, and she aspires to write as much as she can. In her spare time, Alex enjoys reading, watching movies, and running.

Alexs Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

Jeffrecently started writing for Killer Papers to fulfill his lifelong dream of having an interestingbiowritten about him. This, by the way, isnt it. After earning his bachelors degree in computer science, he spent 5-years in the Army enjoying some of the garden spots of the world while also dodging bullets. Eventually, he decided that there must be better ways to make a living and became a real-life rocket scientist, earning an MBA and masters degrees in systems engineering, industrial engineering, and statistics along the way. He is currently working on his PhD in systems engineering for the sole reason of correcting people when they fail to call him doctor.

This widespread experience providesJeffwith a unique perspective and ability to apply an analytical eye and detail-oriented approach to writing on any topic and at any level. He is a math maestro, an Excel expert, and a PowerPoint pirate which, contrary to popular belief, is never a good pick-up line.

Marina has a Bachelor of Arts in History, an MBA from UCLA, and a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shes worked in marketing and promotion, graphic production, advertising, tourism, and more. With that diverse experience and educational background, shes able to expound on a wide variety of topics, and has written for Fodors Travel Guide,Explore History, and many online outlets. When she isnt writing or sticking pointy objects in people, Marina likes to be out on the trail as much as possible.

SamSam has B.As in creative writing and anthropology. He is the right sort of nerd, with a broad interest in many of the topics people happen to need papers written about, including anything about politics and government, all of history, literature, ethics, philosophy, and basically anything that doesnt involve math. He also has a soft spot for arguing and persuasive papers as he was a decorated high school debater many moons ago.

When hes not writing essays, Sam continues to work on his novel, which he hopes will be ready to unleash on the world within the next 40 years. He is also an avid online gamer, hiker, and bicycle enthusiast.

Dr. ZZ has been working with Killer Papers since January of 2017, refining his craft to provide excellent papers to students like you. He dual majored at a prestigious liberal arts institution, acquiring a bachelors of science in both cellular neurobiology and clinical psychology, before transitioning into graduate school. Now nearing completion of his doctorate, as well as a masters in clinical nutrition, Z possesses a wide range of expertise and abundant experience writing. The sciences, economics, and political sciences are his strong suits. However, a passion for learning allows him to produce a quality product regardless subject matter.

AbigailAbby is a writer for Killer Papers studying History and English at a prominent university in the Northeast. At her university, she works as a writing tutor as well as a literary magazine editor. Abby specializes in a number of forms of writing, including essays, research papers, and creative fiction/non-fiction. It is her passion to help writers of all disciplines succeed. In her spare time, Abby enjoys reading, writing short stories, and talking about her Honors thesis. In addition, Abby is fluent in French.

MichelleMichelleis a published author with years of experience crafting essays for high school, college, and graduate students alike. She has dual degrees in molecular biology and public health from one of the best public universities in her country, but she excels at academic writing across a multitude of disciplines. With every paper she writes,Michelleuses her keen ability to pinpoint and deliver exactly what you need!

aHannahHannahis a writer for Killer Papers and has recently graduated with her bachelors degree in English Language and Literature. Throughout her undergraduate career,Hannahwrote for the school newspaper and is now working on her first novel. She is highly qualified in all platforms from literature to creative writing, psychology, history, research, etc. When not reading or writing,Hannahlikes to hit the gym and is up for anything to stay active!

aaKyleKyle has been a creative writer for as long as he can remember, and has been obsessed with perfection for much longer. After graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Public Health, he has begun to seek new avenues for success. Killer papers was a direct path to success for both himself and for you as a student. With drive, determination, and an end goal of of complete satisfaction, he is here to take the writing world by storm. He will be writing for the masses and that includes papers of any variety; analytical, essay, research paper, you name it. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, cooking, and fantasy football.

aKayKay graduated with a Masters degree in healthcare. Kay works full-time in the healthcare field and currently is also grading papers for a local college. She knows what professors are looking for! Kay likes to write science, psychology, healthcare, biology, and sociology papers the most but will dive into any topic that she finds intriguing. Kay was often the editor of group work in college because of her keen eye for grammar and spelling issues. In her free time, Kay likes to work out, hike, paddle board, cook, and spend time reading or watching movies.

aJordanJordan is an award-winning playwright and published essayist. She graduated Summa cum laude with herBachelors of Arts from a prominent east coast university. She holds certifications from the Writers Extension at an elite Los Angeles university and has been tutoring prep kids in Manhattan for the past couple of years. She loves to help them add value to their words.Jordan also works as a commissioned writer with private foundations doing research and helping people tell their stories.

aJenniferJenn has a Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Psychology. She works as a scientific researcher and enjoys writing after work as a hobby. When shes not working or writing, shes probably training at a martial arts gym, playing with her dog, taking a dance class, or watching hockey! Jenn is a highly skilled and efficient writer in anything related to psychology, neuro, sociology, criminology, and more!

aScottScott is a recent graduate with a Bachelors in BusinessAdministration and holds an Associates in Business Accounting. He is well versed in business and economics, and his passion for anything technology-related makes him a well-rounded tutor for many different subjects, in addition to being a gifted creative writer. In addition to being one of our newest tutors, he is currently employed as an online fact-checker and media analyst. Outside of work, Scott is passionate about travel and scuba diving and is a certified PADI Rescue Diver.

SarahSarah is a college graduate who earned her BA in sociology & psychology. She earned a spot on the Deans List all four years of college and is proud to be trilingual, being fluent in Mandarin, English & Spanish. She enjoys writing pscyhology, sociology and related papers, but doesnt limit herself to those subject areas. She can also help with English, literature, Spanish projects, music, research, book reports & more much.MiaMia graduated at the top of her class in high school and went on to study business and sustainability in college, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. She has always loved writing she started journaling in the fifth grade and never stopped. She has been a professional writer since 2018 in a variety of different freelance roles as a blog contributor and copywriter. Mia loves learning new things and is great at research, so no project is too big or small for her. She has a strong attention to detail and will always meet a deadline. When not writing, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and camping, and can usually be found out in nature with her dog, Randy.

Mias Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

aOutisBIO: Outis recently started working with Killer Papers, aspiring to help students turn the chaos of thoughts into the clarity of words. Holding a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in History, Outis graduated magna cum laude from one of the nations top public research universities. While studying there, in addition to writing, writing, and writing (second to English, History is regarded as the most writing-intensive undergraduate degree a student can pursue), Outis found gainful employment at the university writers studio, where he collaborated closely with student writers needing to develop their writing projects for a variety of college courses, including English, Psychology, Philosophy, and Film Studies, among many others. In his spare time, Outis likes reading novels, studying philosophy and history, and playing games with his wife and two sons. Presently, Outis is hard at work on a creative manuscript he intends to submit to various MFA programs in the fall.

Outis Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

aJewelsJewels received a Bachelors of Liberal Arts in English with a minor in Creative Writing and Professional Writing. She likes to take on projects that not only challenges her, but also showcases her grammar, research, and critical thinking skills. She likes the pressure of a time crunch, especially when writing on topics she has little knowledge of. Currently working on several projects, she hopes to be a published author in the near future.

Jewels Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

Dr. Philips recently finished their PhD in a STEM discipline, during which they gained extensive experience writing and editing manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications, as well as editing high-level scholarly works such as theses and dissertations. They attended multiple professional conferences annually and gained experience and acclaim as a presenter and speaker, so theyre happy to assist with presentations also. They helped multiple ESL scholars during their graduate studies, and understand the frustrations that ESL students encounter, and are happy to provide editing and support for complex works. Dr. Philips is also happy to help students with original writing samples, though keep in mind that their writing style may be a bit over-the-top for some projects!

Dr. Philips is a typical nerd who loves what they do, and also loves adult animation, cute fluffy things, hiking, and travel.

Dr. Philips Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

aAmeliaAmelia has a bachelors degree in biology and loves to geek out about science. She has been an essay writing tutor since 2016 and enjoys helping students with all aspects of the writing process. Her experience as a tutor has taught her a lot about the various types of papers that teachers assign and what teachers are looking for in student papers. In her free time, Amelia likes to read novels, particularly thrillers and mysteries. She loves all writing, but her favorite topics to write about include biology, psychology, and sociology. She also enjoys creative writing and persuasive writing.

Amelias Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

aDaimonDaimon began his career as a freelance writer and academic writing assistant in January 2009. Before joining Killer Papers in February 2022, he had worked with literally hundreds of students on all manner of writing tasks. From thesis papers to simple discussion posts, from dissertation edits to mentoring and collaborationfrom philosophy and psychology to politics, literature, business management, and beyondhe has done it all. No project or level of study has ever been off-limits. While he formally holds a BA in Liberal Arts, his years of full-time work with students extends his educational background considerably. He also studies a wide variety of subjects and styles of writing on his own time for fun. Hes a published poet, musician, and martial artist with a strange fascination with the occult and paranormal. He has a penchant for writing social commentary, critical essays, and other think-pieces. In short: he lives to learn, he loves to writeand the proof is in the paper.

Daimons Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

isRachaelRachael is an adjunct professor working at a local community college teaching English composition and reading courses. Shes worked in education as a professor, writer, and tutor. She obtained a bachelors and masters degree in English from private institutions, completing her degree in 2017. In her free time, she enjoys creative writing, poetry, video games, anime, Netflix, and meditation. Shes very detail-oriented and enjoys writing about literature, history, philosophy, art, and numerous other subjects. She also enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with family.

Rachaels Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

inBeckhamBeckham is a second-semester senior at the University of Notre Dame where he is a student of Media Studies, Theatre, Creative Writing, and Literature. His writings have afforded him several creative job positions in the media and entertainment industries and have garnered him several accolades from professors in his department. Fully embracing the liberal-arts education that his institution has conferred to him, Beckham has studied sociology, philosophy, theology, fine arts, and design-thinking.

A master of storytelling, Beckham utilizes his top-fifteen-university education to produce compelling essays, short stories, argumentative works, and creative analyses. Beckham loves to help others, and hopes that his writing might one day positively influence the world around him.

Beckhams Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

aSamanthaSamantha has a Bachelors in Accounting and an Associates in Business Administration. Despite being in a number-oriented field, she has greatly enjoyed writing assignments throughout her academic career and is often the go-to person with her peers for proofreading. Behind her business writing is solid conceptual understanding, and she has the foundation to explain various accounting and finance concepts and calculations from basic to advanced levels. When helping you with other areas, she will research and communicate her findings concisely.

In her free time, you can find her teaching her silly dog new tricks, spending time with her family over coffee, decorating her home office, or watching Netflix before getting back to productivity.

LindaLinda is new to Killerpapers.org, but has worked extensively as a freelance writer for years. She has a bachelors and a masters degree in English, but primarily enjoys watching poorly made horror films while relaxing in the company of her husband and her overly spoiled lab mix dog. Having worked with multiple clients over the past years, Linda has become keenly aware of what instructors seek out within papers across multiple disciplines; some of her past work has included topics in the humanities, theater, English, business, nursing, and instructional technology, just to name a few areas. Tight deadlines are not an issue for her, and she is able to create quality work under pressure. While literature remains near and dear to her heart, Linda prides herself on putting 100%+ into every one of her works, and she welcomes collaboration and insight from her clients to ensure that they are receiving the most customized and tailored work possible for their needs.

Lindas Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

ZahraZahra graduated from a southeastern university in 2020 with a degree in philosophy. She has a passion for the arts, like English and history, but is comfortable writing college-level research papers in biology, which was her second major, and psychology. She has been tutoring and editing essays since high school, and is an excellent communicator and a thorough researcher. In her spare time, she likes to read and write...for fun, as well as play guitar, volunteer with shelter animals, watch TV shows, and travel.Zahras Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

GiannaGianna is a Killer Papers writer who recently graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism. During her college years, she worked as an associate news editor for The Appalachian, the university newspaper for three years. She is also currently employed as a Communications Coordinator for a large real estate firm. She enjoys traveling and going to the gym when she is not writing. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a good book and working on her own creative writing. She hopes to have her first book published within the next year.

Giannas Sample Writing Portfolio:View here

PaigePaige is a writer at heart. For many years she has been creating art through words. Although she is new to Killerpapers, she has several poems published in literary journals, produces her own creative newsletter, and writes content as a freelancer. She holds a Bachelors degree in English and Creative Writing from award-winning Rollins College.

Paige has recently left her previous profession to follow her passions wherever they may lead. She tutors math, reading, and writing to students across the country an