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2022 Jun 02

An orphan and lonely girl and a corporate heir, the lives of Seo Yeonwoo and Lee Seokheon couldnt be any more different.

Lily was forced into a third marriage by her father, and She must never see his face then how will you be her new life with her third husband?!

Disobey the Duke if You Dare ( My bold husband )

If I Cant Be Your Wife Novel (KR)

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Destructive Desires NovelEnglishHotMatureOngoingRomanceScore 9.5Slice of LifeWeb Novel (KR),

ArabicdestructivedesiresDramaFantasyHotManhwaMatureNewOngoingRomanceScore 8.5SeriesSlice of Life,

Destructive DesiresDramaEnglishFantasyHotManhwaMatureNewOngoingProjectRomanceScore 8.5SeriesSlice of LifeSmut,

Disobey the Duke if You Dare ( My bold husband )

Disobey the Duke if You DareDramaEnglishFantasyHotManhwaMatureOngoingProjectRomanceScore 9.5Series,

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