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2022 Jun 06

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E-books have much to offer all Chinese language learners, whether youre a reader who loves thefeeling of pages beneath your fingersor someonewho has only read from a screensince e-readers came out.

So if you havent used e-books yetto boost your Chinese reading skills, listen up.

Lets take a closer peek at all of the benefits these e-books offer language learners, and then well show you the nine best websites for finding Chinese e-books.

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Heres what makes e-booksa great tool for Chinese learners:

There are many free e-books available online, and most of those that are not free are still very inexpensive compared to hard copy books. Many public libraries even have digital libraries now, where you can check out e-books for a period of time for free, just as you would with a hard copy.

You can take your books with you anywhere, on an e-reader, laptop or even smartphone, and read while you commute. Highlight unknown words to copy and paste theminto online dictionaries, or copy and paste new words and phrases into a notebook app like Evernote or Apples Notes.

Regular reading practice reviews words you already know, helping to ingrain them in your memory. Reading also pushes you to learn new words, idioms and expressions in context, which is more memorable than studying from plain lists. Additionally, e-books can be published faster than paper books, which allows for the most current information to be read and used for learning.

They work well with other context-heavy resources likeFluentU.

FluentU can take the vocabulary you learn from e-books and show you even more examples of usage in context, along with visuals and audio.

FluentUtakes authentic videoslike music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talksand turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks.Click here to check out the websiteor downloadthe iOS apporAndroid app.

They get you familiar with written forms.

Reading will teach you written Chinese, which is more formal than spoken and conversational Chinese. The newest e-books demonstrate written forms that are most popular today. Seeing the written forms will also teach you sentence flow and structure, helping you internalize grammar.

Better yet, if you get hooked on an e-book series, like a romance or martial arts epic, youll keep coming back for more, building an excellent habit of reading Chinese. So, where can you find e-books in Chinese?

Weibo Books offers an excellent selection of world-renowned publications that have been translated into Chinese, as well as original Chinese language books. Interesting categories on their site include books by celebrity authors (mng xng zu ji), newest releases (xn sh shng ji)and Asias most popular book rankings (y zhu ho sh bng).

When you click into any book, youll see an overview page with book summary and readers ratings. Click (q yu d)to buy and read online (this requires a Weibo account, but its free to sign up for one), or click (q gu mi)to purchase a hard copy version.

Interesting stats are provided for every book, including: (lu ln), the number of people whove browsed this book; (zn),the number whove liked it; and (r y), the number whove commented.

By Your Side, Princess)by Huang Jia Qian

A real-life tale of tiger parenting, written by actress Phoebe Huang (Huang Jia Qian) along with her husband Christopher Downs, a Chinese-speaking TV host from Canada.

An orphan girl can foresee who will die in the near future. She keeps a death list in a notebook and wanders the city in search of those whose time is coming up.

QiDian Books offers a massive selection of online e-books. Unlike Weibo Books, not all of these are published offline. Check out their featured categories for famous authors(mng ji zu pn), and featured lists like all-time most popular books, (yun chung fng yn bng).

Click into any book to see (ni rng ji sho),a synopsis. You can get e-book versions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and HTML5.

The Snow Sword Heroby Dan Ruo Ci

An ordinary martial arts fighter from Northern China discovers the truth about his mysterious past. At the same time trouble is brewing in the Western Regions, and a conspiracy is underway to topple the authorities of the Central Plain. (An kind of ancient-Chinese mafia wars story!)

A Plan to Destroy the Worldby Miao Wen

In 2019, a pair of friends discover an ancient tomb, and in it, an elevator. It belongs to a scientist whos been working on a experiment to resurrect people from the dead.

Amazon offers a selection of Chinese e-books through Kindle. With a Kindle app, you can read e-books on any device. , go to Kindle e-books in the menu bar. Go to the Foreign Languages category, and then select Chinese language, which currently has over 4,000 titles. Youll see many Chinese versions of world classics.

A Tale of Two Cities)by Charles Dickens

The trials of ordinary people in London and Paris during the 18th century French Revolution. This is a Charles Dickens classic thats been translated into Chinese.

Sherlock Holmes)by Conan Doyle

Heres the classic series about genius detective Sherlock Holmes.

Loyal Books is a free online library. To find their Chinese e-books, scroll down to see Languages listed in the left-hand menu, and then select Chinese. Select e-books as a filter under the top drop-down menu. Their selection is small, but all of their e-books are free. You can also stream audio versions of books.

Chinese poetry is famous for brevity and beauty. Every Chinese student studies ancient poetry in school, so why not try reading some yourself?

Confucius Analects)by Confucius

Confucius formed the bedrock of traditional Chinese philosophy. Reading his Analects introduces you to the background of Chinese thought.

The name of the site (ho d)means Good Reads. Here, youll find several categories of online novels: (yn qng xio sho)romantic fiction; (q hun xio sho)science fiction; (w xi xio sho)martial arts fiction; (xun y xio sho)suspense fiction. Other e-book categories include (sh j bi jing qing)world classics and (si shn zh nng)practical wisdom.

All e-books are free to download. In addition to e-books, you can read web articles under (ho d zhun ln)or good reads columns.

Love Story of Half a Lifetime)by Eileen Chang

Chang is the author of Lust, Caution and other famous works. This story speaks of two young lovers who, due to trials and family disapproval, broke up their engagement, only to meet again years later.

Perhaps the earliest book written on the Chinese-American immigrant experience. A man from Fujian province arrives on the American west coast to pan for gold. He opens a small laundry shop, together with the help of his wife and two children.

24 Reader offers a very extensive collection of Chinese e-books written by Chinese authors (not merely translations of English books). Categories of interest include (shng y)business, (wn xu)arts, (qn z)family, (xn l)psychology, (jio y)education, (nn sh)mens interests, (n sh)womens interests, (shng ho)lifestyle, (k j)technology, (l sh)history, (bo jin)health and /(xio sho mn)novels/graphic novels.

When you click into any book, detailed information is listed, including where the book is originally from, (li yun d)for example, Hong Kong (xing gng)and the languagefor example, (fn t zhng wn), which is traditional Chinese.

The section (ni rng jin ji)gives a brief introduction of the book and (zu zh jin ji)gives an introduction of the author. If you like the book, go ahead and click the big green button that says (l j gu mi)to Buy Now.

(wi li zhng go 10 d chung f chn y

10 Future Booming Industries in China)by Huang Bin Yuan

Introducing 10 industries in China forecasted to have strong financial growth. A guide book for investors interested in the Chinese market.

Fashion Is Coolby David Yeung

Fashion designer David Yeung has taught fashion for over 12 years. In this book he shares Hong Kong-based fashion design theory. (Bonus: This book is in Chinese and English, and features interviews of both Chinese and Western designers.)

Project Gutenberg, an online library of e-books, has a small selection of Chinese language e-books. To find them, simply search Chinese from the homepage. All e-books are free to download in HTML, EPUB, Kindle and Plain Text formats. Files can also be directly downloaded to your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive account.

Journey to the West)by Chengen Wu

Every Chinese child knows the tale of the monkey king and his band of followers who travel west in search of Buddhist texts. A must-read for students of Chinese culture.

A critique of Chinese culture by one of the most famous modern writers from China.

Kobo is a good place to find Chinese textbooks in e-book format. Their selection is not huge, but there are still many useful titles, especially resources for Chinese students. To find them, go to the Language category under the left-hand menu, then choose Chinese.

When you click into any title, youll get a synopsis and reader reviews. You can then click to purchase. Their e-books can be read on desktop, e-readers and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows).

The Sixty Year Dream: Mandarin Companion Graded Readers: Level 1, Simplified Chinese Editionby Washington Irving

This story is written in simple style, and is suitable for upper beginner learners.

The Chrysanthemum and the Swordsby Ruth Benedict

This is an anthropologists comparison of Japanese and American culture; a bilingual Chinese and English version.

Pubu is a Taiwanese online e-book store. In addition to e-books, you can get e-magazines and e-newspapers. Within the section for e-books, you can see lists of most popular e-books, newest e-books and (cho zh z h)or value sets (save money by buying more books at a time). In addition to synopsis and customer reviews for every book, youll also get suggestions for related titles, which is helpful for finding more titles youll love.

Prices are listed in Taiwanese dollars, but you can still pay with Visa, MasterCard or Paypal. Currently 33 Taiwanese dollars is equivalent to 1 USD (so a book that costs 180NT is about $5.50).

(b qing mng, nin qng f q de(d) w tng qin wn zh f k

5 Financial Lessons for Young Couplesby Zhou Yi Jie

Written by a young millionaire, this guide shows young couple how to become wealthy.

(mi yu qing b de jio sh: yu yu zi d z rn l de xio r z

A Classroom Without Wallsby Qin Hui Fan

This book will teach you how to gain knowledge for life in the great outdoors.

We hope youll have fun finding interesting e-books on these sites. And dont forget: A little reading every day goes a long way in improving your Chinese!

Download:This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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