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2022 Jun 01

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Ive already read the basics of historical novels such asChongfei Manual, Eight-Treasure, etc.. is there any newer historical novels out there that is good.

I became the stepmother of my ex-husband

Transmigrating into the female supporting character with a good life in a laid-back novel

But from what I remember they are not as heavy on scheming likeChongfei Manual, maybe beside third one

None of them are fully translated but I used MTL

The Only Favourite Ugly Husband, (bl) its not new but its set in historical times and I personally like the plot

The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back, (bl) its very funny. Its set in historical times but theres a bit of cultivation mixed in so its not completely historically accurate but I dont think any of these really are

Rebirth Handbook, (bg) each arc has a different protagonist who has been reborn and changes their fate. Only a few of them are set in historical times but the ones that are are very good

Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchard, (bg) this one is kind of mary sue-ish but its still a cute read and I liked it. You just have to be able to close one eye to the plot holes

Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece.

[Previously Known as OrdinaryUser] The Blessed One

Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity

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